Getting and Staying Active

No Excuses: Age Just Number – Everybody makes excuses to stop exercising but the real reason is that some people don’t really believe that they can achieve their goals and change their lives by being active regularly . 

The most common excuses are: “I don’t have time”, “I can’t anymore because I’m too old”, “when I was young I used to do but I just hit my 50s”. Believe me, The Age Is Just A Number. 

Exercises make your body stronger, younger, and healthier. 

Making a point to get regular exercise can improve your strength and increase your energy level, according to the National Institute on Aging. 

Exercise for at least 60 minutes, five days per week.

Exercise helps your metabolism to avoid the dreaded middle-aged weight gain, while releasing mood-boosting and energy-surging endorphins to help your power through your day. Exercise doesn’t have to be overwhelming; breaking your requirements up into two 30-minute sets of walking, biking, swimming or yoga help you kick fatigue to the curb.

Consume a diet high in nutrients and low in fat and calories. 

Your diet should be made up mostly of fruits and vegetables, which contain slow-burning and energy-boosting complex carbohydrates. Then, you should add in heart-healthy whole grains, lean protein, and dairy for strong muscles and bones, and you’ll find that your energy level will be as high as ever. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your plate has a lot of colors; avoid foods high in sodium or fat, which make your body feel sluggish.

You may also enjoy better energy levels if you eat fewer, smaller, higher-protein meals throughout the day.

The Mother Of Women Fitness Elena Capiro


Elena Capiro and her Zumba instructor

Nationality : Cuba

Age : 59 years old

Elena is 59 years old, lives in Miami Beach, Florida, works at Mount Sinai hospital. 

In her free time, she goes to the gym with her son. Also, she dances salsa and cycles on the beach.

Maybe one question comes to mind, “how can she maintain an active lifestyle being an over 50 year old working woman?”

Please Elena, tell us how your lifestyle is? 

“After praying at night I fall asleep peacefully and I sleep all night from 7 to 8 hours. Monday through Friday I work as a medical technologist at Mount Sinai medical center. I always am busy in the lab. After work, I go to Zumba classes for cardio three times a week. Once a week I do boot camp or yoga and the rest of the time I bike. I also do weight training with my son 5 times a week for body toning. On Saturday I go dancing to the casinos with my friends. I drink a lot of water. Minimum alcohol. I have a balanced diet.”