The old fashioned mindset according which resistance training made people too muscular has been spread for decades. However, nowadays, health professionals recommend to include resistance training in our workout routine because it is the most complete activity that anyone can practice with proper execution, repetition, and weight. Also, it is important to have professional orientation that can help you to reach your goals safely and satisfy your needs .

The percentage of muscle mass in the human body depends upon gender, age, and physical fitness. For men, the average muscle mass is between 38 percent and 54 percent, while for women the range is between 28 percent and 39 percent”. 

The benefits of weight training are directly related to the amount of time  for which the athlete has been training, the type of training with different intensities, volumes, speed of execution of movements, series, intervals between exercises, recovery periods between workouts, bone structure, and morphological distribution of fiber types in each individual.


Benefits of Resistance Training  

1)  Weight loss

It helps to lose weight and increase muscle mass. During the performance of each exercise calorie burning occur. In the long run, getting your body used to exercising makes your metabolism faster and reduces the percentage of your body fat.

2) It prevents from causing injuries and helps to treat them

It improves your posture. In fact, most back pains are related to muscle weakness and lack of flexibility. Therefore, the workout with weights is indicated in these cases because the muscles supporting the bones become more resistant.

Also, it prevents many diseases, such as:

Osteoporosis: it stimulates the production of bone cells fixing calcium and increasing bone density;

Osteoarthritis: when the muscles are strengthened, it provides greater stability in joints so that the cartilage doesn’t wear out as fast;

Diabetes: the greater the muscle mass, the more glucose your body burns (excess of glucose in the blood causes diabetes);

Hypertension: the main benefit is the reduction of blood pressure at rest.

4) It Helps your Brain 

It helps your brain to have more control of muscle mass improving cognitive aspects, such as: attention, concentration, memory, and learning.

5) It Improves your Well-Being  

Working out releases endorphin (hormone of well-being) which makes your muscle and your mind more relaxed. This helps your rest because you get a more peaceful sleep. Therefore, it decreases the risk of insomnia.

6) It Keeps You Young

As you grow older there is a loss of strength and muscle mass. But those who practice resistance training slow down this aging process. The loss of muscle mass is minimized for exercising with weights.



Alessandra Rosa, 41 years old, Trainer, 30 years in the training field. She recommends resistance training 6 days a week with variations of muscular groups trained, intensity, and repetitions.

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